Trouble Will Find Me

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Slipped | The National | Trouble Will Find Me, 2013

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Trouble Will Find Me

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The National - This Is the Last Time

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miss u <3 :-* visiting in sept ~

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what’s your ig?

_softkid !

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[rare windows]


[rare windows]

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i. neither of us knew what we were doing and we soon tucked this little prologue of ours inside our coat pockets 

ii. we were attached at the hip but you had the stronger gene and soon i was overshadowed in my own body

iii. there was an iv drip attached to me and your patience and adoration travelled through the tube but how long was i supposed to stay at the hospital

here we are, the main cast, the side characters, the special guests, the tv tropes, the girl next door, the villain who comes around, the best friends who fall in love, the long lost lover

but i’m here to set fire to it all, this isn’t some kind of fucking story

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*an addendum to everything



I hope you find your words
I know you carry a light inside your mouth
Frankly, the world should be blessed by the way you hold it in such high esteem

I felt the secrets of your three hearts
They are passion, ambition and motivation
You are driven by their hunger, and sometimes forget that the heart is but a soft organ

Do not be tragic, but do react deeply (and without grace)
Release all wounds that you have haphazardly made your own, but not before you cry about them

I believe in you
An unlikely testament from me, but it is up to you to make it true

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The self and of more


Ideally you should love yourself
But loving is an act that is less than ideal because it is known to accept faults and shortcomings

If you need to, please remember to remind yourself to love yourself
Every morning, every afternoon and every night

To accept your own love fulfills the requirements of your idealism

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Gonzo, my one and a half year old beagle.


Gonzo, my one and a half year old beagle.

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